Are you looking for real-time translations?

Our team bear credentials, certification and expertise issued by a number of institutions and associations around the world.

  • Simultaneous Interpreting - Ideal for seminars and lectures
  • Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) - remote assistance with language professionals
  • Consecutive Interpreting - ideal for business meetings
  • Intermittent Interpreting - ideal for meetings

Your team does not master English. What now?

Real-time interpreting is suggested when there are meetings of small, medium and large size, where people can't master the language of the presentation.

From an in-company meeting to a large presentation, real-time translations are essential to people sending or receiving content. The message across must be accurate and clear.

We can help you!
Talk to onw of our agents to find out what the best interpreting model for you or your event is.

What do you need real-time translation for?

  • Lectures and webinars 
  • Meetings
  • Events and seminars

Tell us what you need so that we can help you.